Member Handbook

This page contains information for current members and those interested to learn about how to participate in the VACB.

New Members

We love hearing from musicians who are interested in joining the VACB!

The information on this page explains registration, rehearsals, performances, as well as general expectations, policies, and procedures. If you don’t see the answer to a question you have, please contact us.

Musicians must register to play with the VACB. While we may not have an opening for a Performer in your section, we encourage you to sub for an absence as explained below.

By joining our musicians list, we will keep you informed when registration is available.


VACB has four concert cycles per year containing 10–12 weekly rehearsals followed by a concert on the last week of the cycle.

  • Musicians must register each concert cycle to play in the VACB
  • Registration information is sent out to our musicians email list typically about 4 weeks prior to the first rehearsal for a concert cycle

In order to provide opportunities to play to as many musicians as we can, we offer two ways to participate in the VACB: as a Performer, or as an Alternate.

Performers attend weekly rehearsals and perform the concert. Performers are expected to attend almost all rehearsals.

Alternates have the opportunity to play by subbing for an absence in their section. In the event that a Performer is no longer able to play the concert, we will move an Alternate to fill that spot for the remaining rehearsals and concert.

When registering, we ask you:

  • Your availability for each rehearsal and the concert
  • If you would like to be considered for a Performer spot, or if you would like to be an Alternate
Registering to be an Alternate is a great way for members to stay involved when their availability is limited during a concert cycle.

Section Sizes Are Limited

If more people register to be a Performer than we have available spots, we prioritize who gets a Performer spot based on planned attendance and past performance in the VACB. If we don’t have an available Performer spot for you, we will automatically make you an Alternate for the concert cycle.

Once the registration period concludes, we will notify everyone who registered if we have a Performer spot for you and coordinate with Alternates to arrange subs for planned absences.


Rehearsals are generally Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 PM in the band room at Verona Area High School. The week of the concert, when facility availability allows, rehearsal is Wednesday night on stage.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal so you are ready to start on time. You are welcome to arrive earlier if you would like to. The band room is always open at least 30 minutes prior to rehearsal.


The schedule for a concert cycle is available at registration. The online calendar also contains an up-to-date schedule of rehearsals and concerts.

Additionally, when you receive your folder of music at the first rehearsal, it will contain a Know the Score information sheet with the schedule.

Missing a Rehearsal

If you will miss a rehearsal that you didn’t mark “Can’t Attend” on the concert registration form, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing

Rehearsals on Election Day

Our Tuesday rehearsals sometimes fall on an Election Day. We strongly encourage all eligible VACB members to take the time to vote, even if it means coming to rehearsal late wearing your “I Voted!” sticker.

If you volunteer on Election Day and will miss rehearsal, just let us know about your absence when you register for the concert or by emailing attendance.


When: Last Thursday of the concert cycle
7:30 PM (6:30 PM call time)
Location: VAHS Performing Arts Center
Attire: Concert black:
All dress black or black dress pants/skirt with black jacket and white dress shirt
Black dress shoes (black dress socks if worn)
Optional black tie

Schedule Changes Due to Extreme Weather

Occasionally, extreme weather affects our planned schedule. We will communicate any schedule changes through email and social media.

If the Verona Area School District cancels school or evening activities, VACB rehearsals and concerts are also cancelled. You can find information about school closings on the VASD homepage and on local TV and online media.

Member Dues

$30 per concert

Your member dues cover many costs:

  • Renting our rehearsal and performance spaces
  • Music purchase and rental
  • Percussion and other equipment rental
  • Performance rights for the music we perform
  • Concert posters and programs
  • Folders, paper, toner, and supplies

Member dues can be paid any time before the concert. You can pay online, or you can pay at rehearsal using mobile payment, credit card, cash, or check.

Don’t worry if you forget; we’ll send you a friendly reminder.

If member dues are not affordable for you, please reach out to us. We want to make the VACB accessible for everyone.